Diving trip – P-dyk

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The trip that pushed me into tecnical diving was joining Oxygene and Patric of P-dyk on a weekend south of Ystad, diving on some fabulous wrecks. This is the full video of the... READ MORE

What does winning look like next week?

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It’s become a routine. Sunday evening and the work week takes off. The kids are usually settling in, the house goes quiet. I put on a pot of coffee and fire up the laptop. If I’m not spending two hours watching the kids train rock climbing, also with the laptop at hand.

Weeks I do this usually gets off to a good start. Yeah, I know. It’s not maybe the best work/life balance, but I also get a grip on the week to come, get to fire off some mails I missed Friday, get to have a look at what meetings I need to go to next week (and maybe more importantly, not go to).

For me this is one of the tips for having a great week. A coffee, some music and time to think about what’s really important for next week. What do I really need to deliver and focus on. What does winning look like next week? Time to see…

Stark Trek Beyond and a McDonalds cheeseburger

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Growing up in the 70s and 80s, I got my fair share of Star Trek. Always a series (and subsequently movies) with great stories, sometimes written by the greats of science fiction. 

Sitting on a plane to Atlanta and watching Star Trek Beyond, none of that is seen in this movie. The story, the directing and the acting is….worse than bad. 

A series like this has to be respected by any new caretaker and anyone doing new installments. Star Trek today is the equivallent of a cheeseburger at McDonalds. Leaves you utterly unsatisfied and slightly disgusted

Public transportation in Sweden

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Here’s an issue that has bugging me for a while. Taking the train fr.o.m. Lerum, where I live, to Gothenburg, a trip of 24 km, costs me 65 kronor. If I calculate the cost for taking the car the way we all do (we already have the car so it’s just the gas) it would cost 24km x 14 kr/lit x 0,7 lit/mil = 25 kr

Same goes for taking the train from Lerum to Malmö. Train: 400kr. Car: 300kr

If we really want to switch over people to public transportation IT has to be significantly cheaper than the car. I would argue for buses within the city, free. 

Breakfast for the sleepy

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When the alarm goes off at 4am on Monday morning, I assure you I am no hero. The only thing that gets me out of bed is that I have no options. I have cut the time so short that I have to get going right away.

Making breakfast at this hour is not an option, so I make My usial stop at Sandsjöback for coffee and cheese sandwich. This is usually followed up by a second coffee at Glumslöv

Time for deco diving

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FINALLY got a chance to dive deco again after my TDI course. Plan is to do 40m for 30 mins on 50% deco gas. Plan is done and we’re gonna go in the water in about 2 hour.  Just relaxing and having lunch at Gullmarsfjordens diving center first.

Reclaim honor and integrity in sports (and society)

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You’re all reading the same news I am every day. Society is getting colder, egocentric. Me, me, me. As long as I get ahead anything goes. Society is getting colder and violence is ever more present. Companies are getting colder, if they can make that quarterly target they will fire employees without a second thought. We are getting colder and personal interaction, meeting friends for a cup of coffee is replaced by a like on Facebook and where once we took pride in helping each other we now take pride in helping ourselves.

My wife is a teacher and through her I get a view into the minds of the 10-year olds that will be shaping our future. Many evenings I sit down with her to help her decompress after a tough, tough day (believe me, being a teacher is one of the hardest jobs you can do and the men and women taking this career path are heroes each and every one of them). More often than not, frustration colours her voice and what she tells me is not good. Not at all. The short of it is that many children are treating each other and the teachers with such a deep disrespect that it simply defies reality. Not only do they call each other names and say things, even to teachers, that simply is mind blowing, but violence is an everyday thing.

And to be honest, we’re not much better as grown ups. Watching the US presidential race is a surreal experience. Candidates that lie and call each other names. Honestly? I am ashamed, and I am not even an american. Seeing Ted Cruz (and I am not subscribing to his political views) stand up for honor and integrity at the convention and then he gets bullied, yes bullied, for it by fellow party members? Sorry, but there’s no other way to put it than “what the f**k”?

As as society, as parents and as human beings I believe we have to reclaim what being human is all about. We have to reclaim honor, integrity and a sense of what is right. So how do we start this change? Off course first of all it starts with myself. And it starts with all of us that are parents. It starts with companies that have to establish a sound core of corporate culture.

A couple of months ago I enjoyed watching the European Championships in football, and there’s is one thing that has been bothering me ever since the referee put the whistle to hos mouth and ended the final game between France and Portugal.

These athletes are the heroes of young growing up today. More than ever the cult around the super-heroes in sports is influencing the values and ambitions of our societies young. Children and teenagers look up to these idols, they want to be like them, walk like the, talk like them, act like them. And what do they see on the television more often than not? Their heroes cheating, faking and trash-talking. Football players that will do anything to get ahead. Filming that they have been fouled to get a penalty kick. Trying to hurt each other.

I wonder when the first football team will put honor in the first room? When they will demand of their players to act with integrity? Where their players will meet their opponents with respect? Where, when a player gets a penalty kick in his of her favour will raise their hand and say “that was no could and there should be no penalty” and where the ball is handed over to the opponents. I think that owners and leaders in the sports world should put this in the first room. Players that cheat should be benched.

The thing is, I believe it would send a message to society which would make a true mark but I also believe that teams that do this will win. Not only the hearts and minds of people watching but it will also make them more successful in their sport.

There are exceptions off course. Seeing Sara Sjöström and Jeanette Ottesen comfort the favourite Kate Campbell, who unexpectedly finished sixth place, sent echoes all across the world.

End note. After writing the above, I googled the topic and found this article, “What role does ethics play in sports” by Kirk Hanson and Matt Savage which sums it up much better than I did.

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