Diving trip – P-dyk

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The trip that pushed me into tecnical diving was joining Oxygene and Patric of P-dyk on a weekend south of Ystad, diving on some fabulous wrecks. This is the full video of the... READ MORE

Energy, drive and EORs

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I just got a question from someone I respect a lot. ”How often do you write on your blog”? Not very often was my respons. I was then challenged on this and challenged in defining this (and writing my book) as my EOR (Extra Ordinary Result). It would be an EOR, but it’s sooo hard to actually get the time. Yeah, I know, excuses excuses.

And as Yoda says – there is no try, there is only ”Do” or ”Do Not”

The joy and melancholy of Swedish summer evenings

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There is something utterly magic with summer evenings in Sweden. Something that touches your soul and, at least if you are Swedish, defines and redefines who you are. Sitting by the lake, listening to the sounds of summer, to kids laughing and playing, listening to your own thoughts is simply good for your soul. And there’s always that note of melancholy because you know that in an instant the summer is gone and fall and winter is upon you.

Simplify, simplify, simplify

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Complex organisation structures, decisions taken far from the frontline, overlapping responsibilities all contribute in slowing your companies pace of change. The solution? Simplify. 

This interesting article by HBR touches on the topic. 


You can’t escape the facts of transformation

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‪”No institutional transformation takes place, I believe, without a multi-year commitment by the CEO to put himself or herself constantly in front of employees and speak in plain, simple, compelling language that drives conviction and action throughout the organisation”‬ – Lou Gerstner

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