Diving trip – P-dyk

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The trip that pushed me into tecnical diving was joining Oxygene and Patric of P-dyk on a weekend south of Ystad, diving on some fabulous wrecks. This is the full video of the... READ MORE

Exaggerated planning is the most common cause of corporate death

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I just felt the need for an Ingvar quote:


”Planning is often synonymous with bureaucracy. Planning is, of course, needed to lay out guidelines for your work and to enable
a company to function in the long term. But do not forget that exaggerated planning is the most common cause of corporate death. Exaggerated planning constrains your freedom of action and leaves you less time to get things done. Complicated planning paralyses. So let simplicity and common sense guide your planning.”

– Ingvar Kamprad, The Testament of a Furniture Dealer

5 AM club is in session

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Early  mornings. Sooo hard to get out of bed. So tired you almost feel nauseated.  Not even the morning shower feels good and it is only when I hear that sound of the first espresso pouring up that I start to wake up.

What a fantastic dive!

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Driving up to Gullmarsfjorden this morning, with the car showing a brisky -5 degrees Celsius, I was less than enthusiastic. I know well how cold it can be and I feared that, at least for now, my heart was not into diving.

I could not have been more wrong. After an almost disaster when I realized my diving computer was low on battery (I got to borrow another one from Magnus), we went on to do a fantastic dive. The water still warm (-ish) from the summer, I just felt that joy sweep over me when we settled into the dive. I just love diving.

Sitting in the sun after the dive, waiting for the hot dogs to get ready on the bbq, life is good.

In Learning Mode

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New job looming in five weeks and as the energy for the old gig dissipates, it builds for the new one. So today I will be spending the morning learning Atlassian Confluence, which is a new experience for me. So, starting up with Youtube and som 101s. Been a while since I learnt a new system 🙂

Having heard all good things about Confluence during the years, it will be interesting to see if it measures up to its reputation.



Valtteri being Valtteri

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Just saw an interview with Valtteri Bottas prior to the quali in Mexico. What a refreshing and honest guy. Always liked the Finnish mentality and seeing that Kimi is passed his prime, maybe I have a new favourite when Kimi retires.

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