Book review: ”Turn that ship around” by David Marquet

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Spending the summer in Jamaica, I took the time to re-read David Marquets ”Turn that ship around”. Since it was quite sometime ago since I read it the first time, I had only a vague memory of an interesting read and a great and inspirational book on leadership. So lets say I was going into the book a second time with no more expectation than an interesting read. But I was royally surprised. In the 6-7 years since I last read it I have spent my working life more and more in the world of agile software and system development (using SCRUM and SAFe) and what I found was a sub-marine commander using the very core of the agile beliefs and principles to turn around a ship with serious problems. This second time around I simply could not put it down and it re-affirmed my beliefs that agile is not about methods but about principles.
If you are a leader or working in teams this is a must and if you just want a good read it is a strong recommendation!!

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