Cold water diving make me smile

Cold water diving make me smile

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15th of April and spring has juuust started here in Sweden. In the air that is. In the water its probably the coldest it has been all year. A nippy 2-3 degress C at 30 meters means that diving is not only dark (in Sweden, due to the particles in the water, it is usually pitch black when you approach 30 meters) but also so cold it chills you to your core. The only other thing thats made me this cold is riding a motorbike when it’s just a couple of degrees warm and raining.

So, today, standing at the shore, even though the sun is warming a little bit when I gze out over the water, I still have to steel my resolve to done the gear and head towards the shoreline. And once I release the air from the BCD and you dip your head fully into the bitter cold water, for second or two I have to fight the instinct to abort.

But I sink down to 3-4 meters and level out. All goes quiet. I look over at Magnus who is rock solid in the water some meters away. A circle with the light and we are off. And it’s just sooo good. And to so cold. At least thats what I tell myself. I’m smiling at least. Diving always makes me smile.

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