The organizational man is dead?

The organizational man is dead? what-got-you-here-wont-get-you-thereVacation team = time to read and reflect. I just go my hand on ”What got you here won’t get you there” by Marshal Goldsmith. A book I can highly recommend. I hava a habit of marking pages at the bottom where I find interesting ideas and notions that I have to go back to and look at/learn from. Having just finished the book off I have 20-30 pahes marked, which must be a record!!!

Anyways – one of the chapters talk about the death of the organizational man.

The concept stems from an article in Fast Company magazine.

The notion is that the organizational man (or woman) is dead The best performers in a company are no longer interested in sacrificing their lives for the good of the organization.  A significant portion of the employees believe that the corporation will ”drop them in a flash” when they no longer meet the companies needs, so they in turn were willing to drop the corporation, when it no longer meets their needs. Each employee is operating like a small, self contained business rather than a cog in the wheel of a large system.


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